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Why choose us as your Sydney SEO Agency?

Choosing the right search engine optimisation company is very important because not only will it negatively affect your bottom line but a dodgy approach to search engine optimisation can cause unwanted negative consequences for your website in the long run, including penalties by Google or even removing you completely from search results. These consequences are scary, costly and can be time-consuming to fix.

We understand this concern and therefore when it comes to safe search engine optimisation services, we follow the best and latest search engine optimisation practices and apply the safest and most efficient search engine optimisation strategies and tactics to bring you results.

We’ve got the talent and integrity to help service your business operations.


  • Skilled SEO specialists equipped with latest industry best practices
  • A sustainability approach that helps your website stay resilient to search engine algorithm changes and updates
  • The ability to enhance your website usability and conversion rates to maximise lead generation
  • A proven track record demonstrated by our loyal clients


  • We are driven by the final result and put our client’s benefit above all else
  • We are transparent about our SEO approach and will guide clients through the process so they understand the procedures we are using and why our strategy will benefit them the most
  • We treat our clients’ websites like our own, and will promote and protect them with care and responsibility

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Ever since we started, Result Driven SEO has helped increase the traffic by 400% after 3 months working for us and we have been able to recoup the investment in the website and SEO service after we made a sales successfully with a hospital in Michigan, USA who’ve found us on

Lenny Organ – President of Elite Cardiology Medical Group

Talent and Integrity is the root of success

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Result Driven SEO
Result Driven SEO

How We Increased Step2 Direct’s Revenue by 187% in 80 Days

By implementing a number of different SEO best practices to the Step2 Direct website, the Result Driven SEO team was able to bring about a 161 % increase in overall site traffic within the same time period with impressive 454% increase in page view, average page view 7.6 and unbelievable bounce rate of 0.97%, and more importantly an 187% increase in revenue.

Find out more ...Result Driven SEO

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Result Driven SEO

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