How We Helped Bill Removalists Sydney Get Out of Google’s Penalty and Increase Lead Number by 146% case study
We recovered from the Google Penalty after 3 months and now the website is running so well, we receive phone calls, email enquiries everyday
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About The Client

Bill Removalists Sydney (BRS) is a local removal company that helps individual and businesses relocate your home or office to new addresses in all Sydney suburbs and from Sydney to other cities in Australia.

The Situation

In late 2013, Bill Removalists Sydney realised its website was not performing well despite it being managed by a third party SEO agency. Bill went online and after researching Google he employed Result Driven SEO to help.

We found Bill Removalists Sydney’s website was being penalised by Google as a result of low quality, irrelevant back links .

The Results

In 3 months Result Driven SEO helped BRS to recover from the Google penalty and;

  • Increase the organic web traffic to BRS’s website 97%
  • Increase the number of leads 146 %
  • Increase the conversion rate from 2.3% to 8.0%
lead growth graph

Image 1: Lead Growth Graph Over the last 10 months compared to the previour preriod

lead growth graph

Image 2: Lead growth in 2nd year compared to 1st year

traffic and conversion growth

Image 3: Traffic and conversion growth by traffic channels

Technique 1: Immediately Get Out of the Penalty

After carefully auditing the site, we didn’t think that the old domain had any chance of a full recovery because of the high quantity of low and irrelevant backlinks built by previous SEO agencies.

We decided to quickly move this website to a new domain and get the new site indexed by search engines.

Technique 2: Let the Old Domain Go and Completely Disappear from Google

We deindexed the old domain and removed all connections between the old and the new domains so Google could not see any association between the two.

We set up new accounts for the new domain—Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool, social media account links —to leave no track of the old domain’s footprint.

Technique 3: Comprehensive Keyword Research For All Services and Blog Content

We extensively researched appropriate keywords for all of the service pages on the website and for all targeted suburbs, and we also did comprehensive long-tail keyword research to find out which search terms that users use to search for information related to BRS’s main services.

Using our comprehensive keyword research, we devised a strategy to help BRS target all the important suburbs in Sydney and interstate removal routes from Sydney to other cities.

The keyword research not only covered short-tail but also long-tail keywords for blog content development.

Technique 4: Research on What Strong Competitors Do and How They Do Well

Our competitor research is designed to gain a key understanding of BRS’s strongest competitors — their competitive advantages, value proposition, online marketing activities. We specifically identify;

  • Where their competitors advertise?
  • How their advertising is working?
  • Their biggest website traffic referral sources?
  • What keywords they are targeting?
  • Where they build links?
  • Where they promote their websites?

Gaining insights on what and how competitors are doing gives our team and the client, insights into how to surpass them.

Technique 5: Build More Pages

We gradually built more pages for BRS by creating a separate webpage for each suburb with unique content.
website with 100 pages has greater traffic than a 10-page website, simply because it offers more topics that users could search on.

We applied this strategy to BRS’s local suburb service pages. Sydney has hundreds of suburbs and we covered them all.

Technique 6: Highlight BRS’s Value Proposition and Key Differences from Other Removalists

After extensive research on the industry and BRS’s biggest competitors, and also after interviewing BRS themselves, we were able to identify BRS’s strengths and value proposition—their key differences from their competitors.

We then highlighted these key selling points on the website home page and all subpages to ensure that their target prospects would be able to view it easily from wherever they landed on the website.

showcase best selling points

Image 4: Showcase best selling points for BRS

Technique 7: Implement On-site Optimisation Best Practices

We implemented best practices for on-page optimisation following the webmaster guidelines of Google and other search engines;

  • We rewrote benefits-driven copy so it placed users at the centre of benefits. Our goal is to create a website that users can quickly find the information they need more easily.
  • We ensured there was proper indexation using sitemaps, pagination, no-indexing tags and the reconciliation of all duplicate content.
  • We created individually crafted, uniquely written Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Heading tags for all pages. By optimising the site’s title tags, meta description tags, heading tags and content to include targeted keywords, we were able to increase the search traffic.
  • We improved the website’s load times for proper SEO on both desktop and mobile devices. This is one of the key elements to increase the website ranking performance.
  • “No Follow” for unimportant links
  • Add image ALT tags to all images
  • Other technical SEO setups

Technique 8: Gain Local Reviews – Greatest SEO Weapon

As part of our local SEO works, we helped BRS to ask their existing and future clients for real testimonials that could be published on its website, and to leave reviews on its Google Plus Local account.

We understand that businesses with large volumes of positive reviews rank higher than those with few or negative reviews.

This help BRS to have;

  • Increased search ranks: the more positive reviews you have, the higher you rank
  • Increased referral traffic: BRS gains referral traffic from not just Google Plus Local but and other local review sites as well.
  • Greater brand authority: When people read great reviews about the BRS brand, they are more likely to have a great impression of BRS’s business, and to spread the word to their friends and family.
  • Gained critical feedback opportunities: Sometimes doing business isn’t perfect. In both positive and negative reviews of BRS’s operation, BRS finds critical pieces of feedback that they can learn from and use to make their business even better.
massive-good number positive reviews

Image 5: BRS has gained massive good number of possitive reviews on their Google Plus Local profile

authentic reviews convert visitors

Image 6: Authentic reviews help BRS convert visitors to leads better

Technique 9: Build a New Website to Increase Conversion Rate and Brand Perception

We rebuilt BRS’s website as part of our SEO premium package to enhance the look, functionality, user experience and conversion optimisation. The website is now well optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. According to our experience, no matter how much traffic you drive to the website, if it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t work.

mobile tablet desktop website

Image 7: Mobile, Tablet and Desktop website after the redesign

Technique 10: Drive Community Engagement Through Blogging

From our research on Bill Removalists Sydney’s target audience, their market persona, content voice and our extensive long-tail keyword research we proposed a content plan that is designed to promote Bill Removalists Sydney as an industry thought leader. Through this research we also uncovered additional opportunities for long tail search traffic.

Using visitor surveys and analytical reports, we developed content topics that BRS’s audience was interested in. This allowed us to better connect with existing audience members and generate more leads.

Increase Blog Engagement

To help increase engagement we taught Bill Removalists Sydney how to fine tune their writing style to encourage more commentary and questions from their visitors.

This content plan also covered the most popular topics that users would search for and we proposed a varied type of content to engage the readership and increase social sharing, including;

  • Informative articles
  • FAQs
  • Infographics
  • Checklist
high quality checklist content

Image 8: High quality checklist content for lead generation

Technique 11: Build High Quality Links

Incoming links from other websites are an important SEO ranking factor to search engine optimisation. Poor quality links won’t just decrease your traffic or ranking, they also damage your domain and potentially attract penalties from Google and other search engines.

We take link building very seriously and we make sure that all the sites that we place links on are well screened before any placement. Some of the link building we did included;

  • Outreach to relevant blogs to feature BRS content
  • Listing the website on business, industry niche and local directories
  • Submitting infographics, videos, and relevant marketing material to submission sites
Best Care Pets infographic

Image 9: Best Care for Your Pets When You Move Your Home Infographic

Conversion Tracking Setup

We set up conversion tracking: click tracking, mobile phone tracking, call tracking for the campaign.

We implemented A/B testing models to identify which elements work better than others and we constantly tweaked the landing page elements to increase the conversion rate.

Technique 12: Increase Website Conversion Rate

We constantly make changes on the website and landing pages based on our conversion optimisation activities, including;

  • A/B Testing
  • Click Map
  • Heat Map
  • Event Tracking
heat click map

Image 10: We set up heat map and click map on most important pages to track users behaviour and improve conversion of the landing pages

Boosting Conversions by Over 146 %

The results of our user surveys and split tests enabled us to develop a more efficient means of directing visitors to the products they are most interested in. The result? An 146% increase in conversions!

We recovered from the Google Penalty after 3 months and now the website is running so well, we receive phone calls, email enquiries everyday

bill chen

Bill Chen
Owner, Bill Removalists Sydney

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