16 Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate Right Now Free Ebook

By Huyen Truong., MBA
Search Marketing Strategist

What’s in the eBook?

This eBook will reveal my best 16 ways to increase the conversion rate on your website and more;

  • You will learn how to create a compelling and clear value proposition. And I will give you clear examples of good versus bad.
  • You will learn the importance of a sales funnel and how you can get started
  • You will learn how to address all the objections a prospect might have when viewing your website
  • You will learn tactics to use when communicating the value of your products and services
  • You will learn how to build trust and encourage your prospects’ to drop their guard
  • And how to make it easy for users to buy from you
  • You will also learn how to make ‘shopping around’ easier for users

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16 ways to increase conversion ebook


About the Author – Huyen Truong

Huyen Truong is a Search Marketing Strategist with a passion for SEO. She entered the online marketing world in the early 2000s when SEO was still in its infancy. Since then, she has managed hundreds of SEO, Web Development and Online Marketing projects.

Her extensive practical experience working with businesses at different levels, and her solid knowledge and experience in Marketing and Business consulting, sets her apart from other technical SEO experts.

In recognition of her Search Marketing expertise Huyen is regularly invited to contribute content by popular business news sites such as www.allbusiness.com www.business.com https://au.smallbusiness.yahoo.com www.itwire.com among others.

Huyen acquired her MBA at one of the top MBA programs in USA in 2010. This e-book showcases the best 5 strategies that have delivered the most outstanding results for her clients.

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