case study chelsea cosmetics

How We Helped Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Mark Attalla Increase His Patients by 110% in 8 Months

SEO, Website Design and Development

Result Driven SEO have lowered our marketing budget and we’re getting much better conversion, which is a big difference between working with them and other SEOs.

Dr. Mark Attalla – Cosmetic Surgeon/Owner of Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne

Dr. Mark Attalla is a well-known Australian cosmetic surgeon specialising in surgical and non-surgical solutions for liposuction.

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case study naveen somia

How We Helped Plastic Surgeon Naveen Somia Increase the Number of Patients by 115%

Content Production, SEO

Over the last 12 months we have increased the web traffic by over 100 percent and also increased the conversion by over 100 percent

Dr Naveen Somia MBBS, PhD, FRACS Plastic Surgeon

Dr Naveen Somia is a well-known plastic surgeon in Australia specialising in Eyelid/ Eye bag surgery and breast reduction.

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How Helped Gordon Vet Increase The Number of Clients by 146%

Marketing Automation, SEO, Website Design and Development

The organic website traffic has increased by 265.76% compared the same time before we started SEO services and Result Driven SEO has contributed over 30% source of our new patients every year. 

Dr John Morgan, Partner at Gordon Vet Hospital

Gordon Vet Hospital (GVH) is an independently owned hospital that has been serving the North Shore for more than 40 years.

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case study dr rob king

How We Helped Dr Rob King to Increase the Number of Patients by 80%

SEO, Website Design and Development

First page ranking for many important keywords such as Men’s health clinic, men’s health check Sydney, men’s gut health. An increase of 106% in total organic traffic for the last 12 months compared to the same previous period. An over 80% increase in patients.

Dr Rob King, Men’s Health Physician

Dr Rob King was experiencing lost traffic and enquiries after investing in a new website provided by his previous IT agency.

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dazmac case study

How We Helped Dazmac Recover From Google’s Penalty and Achieve 150% Sales Leads Growth

SEO, Website Design and Development

Result Driven SEO initially helped us recover successfully from Google Penalty caused by a previous SEO agency. They, then, revamped the website and pushed our main keyword rankings from page 5, 6 to page 1 of Google. Our organic traffic has been increasing ever since together with our conversion rate

Daryl McIntyre – Managing Director, Dazmac International Logistics

The results of our user surveys and split tests enabled us to develop a more efficient means of directing visitors to the products they were most interested in. The result? An 150% increase in conversions!

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bill removalists sydney case study

How We Helped Bill Removalists Sydney Get Out of Google’s Penalty and Increase Lead Number by 146%

Content Marketing, SEO, Website Design and Development

We recovered from the Google Penalty after 3 months and now the website is running so well, we receive phone calls, email enquiries everyday

Bill Chen – Owner, Bill Removalists Sydney

In late 2013, Bill Removalists Sydney realised its website was not performing well despite it being managed by a third party SEO agency. Bill went online and after researching Google he employed Result Driven SEO to help. We found Bill Removalists Sydney’s website was being penalised by Google as a result of low quality, irrelevant back links .

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harley finance case study

How We Increased Harley Finance’s Lead Number By 500%

Content Marketing, Marketing Automation, PPC, SEO, Social Media

I am extremely happy with the progress we made in this financial year and genuinely appreciate your efforts, Huyen. Much of this progress is due to your diligence and skills.

Phillip Gruppelaar – Senior Partner, Harley Finance

Despite spending a significant amount on Google Ads, leads were not converting well into sales on their small website. Harley Finance sensed that its website was underperforming. Result Driven SEO helped to dramatically improve his traffic and conversion rates.

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step 2 -case study

How We Increased Step2 Direct’s Revenue By 187% in 80 Days


Result Driven SEO drove an extra 187% more sales to the Step2 Direct in 2.5 months and that number is still climbing!

Steven Kruyer – Managing Director

Step2 has been attempting to extend their market online, reaching out to end-customers. They felt that the site visibility through search engines was critical to enter lucrative online market. Another thing, Step2 Direct website is hosted and built by a licenced ecommerce CMS provider who control any server related changes, this makes any in-charge SEO Agency more difficulties when implementing changes on the site.

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extended car warranty insurance case study

How We Grew Warranty & Insurance Revenue 100k Year on Year

Content Production, PPC, SEO, Website Design and Development

We’ve experienced sale returns up to $100,000 in revenue year on year that we are very pleased with.

Tim Marsh – Managing Director of Warranty and Insurance

A business extension of New Cars Plus, Warranty and Insurance plans to strongly promote this new side of business after its online marketing success with the parent company website, New Cars Plus. Result Driven SEO was invited to engage in this project. With the existing dominance of other mainstream, big brand insurance agencies, it is not easy to get a foothold in such an overcrowded search market.

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ECG medical case study

How We Increased ECG Medical Traffic By 400% in 90 Days


We would recommend Result Driven SEO to any company who is looking for a serious SEO service to improve their internet traffic, conversion rate and their bottom line.

Lenny Organ – President of Elite Cardiology Group

Elite Cardiology Medical Group (ECG) was attempting to extend its market share internationally, moving operations into the United States and other English speaking markets around the world. They felt site visibility through search engines was critical to improving their position and influence in the market. ECG approached Result Driven SEO after carefully considering a series of SEO agencies offering a wide variety of services and price points.

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