5 Winning SEO Strategies That Your Competitors Aren’t Using Free Ebook

By Huyen Truong., MBA
Search Marketing Strategist

What’s in the eBook?

This eBook will reveal my best SEO strategies, including real examples and case studies, detailed instructions on how to achieve the awesome results and more;

  • You will learn strategies that outperform your competitors in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • You will know the best tools that you can use to reveal your competitors’ strategies
    • The keywords they are targeting through organic and paid search?
    • Their best source of traffic?
    • Where they build links?
    • Even where they advertise?
    • And what copy and artwork they use in their ad campaigns?
  • You will learn how to identify low competition and high converting keywords
  • I’ll show you how to create content that generates social shares, comments, traffic and encourages people to link back to your site (backlinks)
  • Be exposed to tactics that your competitors haven’t used and don’t even know yet
  • Finally, it includes two real case studies that demonstrate step-by-step how I grew my clients’ search ranking and lead growth by 500%

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5 winning seo strategies ebook

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About the Author – Huyen Truong

Huyen Truong is a Search Marketing Strategist with a passion for SEO. She entered the online marketing world in the early 2000s when SEO was still in its infancy. Since then, she has managed hundreds of SEO, Web Development and Online Marketing projects.

Her extensive practical experience working with businesses at different levels, and her solid knowledge and experience in Marketing and Business consulting, sets her apart from other technical SEO experts.

In recognition of her Search Marketing expertise Huyen is regularly invited to contribute content by popular business news sites such as www.allbusiness.com www.business.com https://au.smallbusiness.yahoo.com www.itwire.com among others.

Huyen acquired her MBA at one of the top MBA programs in USA in 2010. This e-book showcases the best 5 strategies that have delivered the most outstanding results for her clients.

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