SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a process to increase the visibility of your website or a webpage in search engines’ natural or unpaid results. In other words, SEO is the process of getting traffic from search engines’ results for free.

SEO is a cost effective and very efficient online marketing solution. It helps you approach your targeted clients in the easiest and most direct way.

Good SEO results will attract targeted traffic and increase phone calls and inquiries to your office, shop, and stores.

How long does SEO take?

SEO is similar to building your reputation with clients in the off-line world, it takes time for you to promote what you offer, create relationships with relevant industry contacts, and for individuals to trust your operation.

SEO is the similar process in the online world, you need to have a good search engine friendly website that offers valuable content for users, that builds a connection, and fosters a trustworthy long lasting relationship.

The more relevant valuable content you offer, the more related websites link to you, the better chance Google and other search engines will pick you up and rank you higher than other similar sites to deliver the best results to search users.

As such, it takes time, and there is no standard for how long it will take. It requires a steady effort for an immeasurable length of time similar to the way it took to build your off-line relationships previously.

If you want some basic critical advice for improving your website’s SEO ranking:

  • Make sure your website is user-friendly, such that prospects feel comfortable browsing your website and can find what they want quickly and easily
  • Ensure your website structure and content is search engine friendly as well. When selecting a web designer, ensure they have these skills under their belts
  • Conversion optimisation is key to converting visitors to warm leads successfully
  • Offer your readers and prospects useful content on a regular basis
  • Attend related webinars for the latest in industry changes or simply talk to an industry expert like those at Result Driven SEO

Case Studies

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How We Helped Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Mark Attalla Increase His Patients by 110% in 8 Months

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How We Helped Plastic Surgeon Naveen Somia Increase the Number of Patients by 115%

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How Helped Gordon Vet Increase The Number of Clients by 146%

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How We Helped Dr Rob King to Increase the Number of Patients by 80%

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How We Helped Bill Removalists Sydney Get Out of Google’s Penalty and Increase Lead Number by 146%

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Nothing says more about the quality of our work than the success of our customers.

Dr Ryan McConnell

Since working with Result Driven SEO my website has gone from less than 200 users to almost 500 now. More than doubled in 6 months.

Dr Ryan McConnell
Endovascular Specialist and Interventional Neuroradiologist/Owner of Vein Doctors Sydney

kathy truong

Thank you very much for an amazing work, myself and all friends and family including ICCM members, Hannah and everyone love the look of the website, so beautiful and powerful 🙏 I do appreciate it very much.

Kathy Truong
Owner of The Collective of Strength

Result Driven SEO provides an excellent professional web development service for doctors. They made an extra effort with all aspects of the website and i would thoroughly recommend them to any medical profession looking to create an impactful web presence.

Dr Siva Chandrasekaran
Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeon, MOATI

dr yunaev

We've seen a significant increase in our website traffic by over 200%, we've gone from having 12 enquiries to anywhere from 50 to 100 enquiries in a month, while consistently filling our list times at the hospital.

Dr Michael Yunaev
Cosmetic Surgeon / Specialist Breast (Oncoplastic)

dr hodgkinson

The number of requests for consultations is at least doubled from the last 5 months, which is very good sign. We’re very impressed with how much detailed they put into the plan, how they projected and what they might be able to achieve for us. I’ve enjoyed working with both principles. We look forward to the future and right now the presence is very positive for us.

Dr Darryl Hodgkinson
Plastic Surgeon/ Owner of Double Bay Day Surgery

Vas Comblas

We are so very grateful to the team at Result Driven SEO. Since hiring you guys our business enquiry has greatly improved. Keep up the good work guys!

Vas Comblas
Owner and Director, Iconic American Imports


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