Dr Ryan McConnell

Since working with Result Driven SEO my website has gone from less than 200 users to almost 500 now. More than doubled in 6 months. My keyword rankings increased significantly, and as new content was produced, we rank for 1000’s more keywords with our visibility increasing 35%. The website conversion number has gone up by 113% compared to the same time last year.

The team has worked through my website to improve conversion factors and increase useability. They are responsive and pay particular attention to detail and the needs for my clinic.

I have regular meetings with my account manager who cares about how my business performs and always ensure that our performance is tracked and on point. We work together to ensure that I get the booking that I need and implementing future plans for the business to continue growth. They truly are a partner in building my business, not just another digital marketing company.

I would highly recommend OMD to any medical practitioner who wants to increase their patient numbers and take their business to the next level.

Dr Ryan McConnell
Endovascular Specialist and Interventional Neuroradiologist/Owner of Vein Doctors Sydney

kathy truong

Thank you very much for an amazing work, myself and all friends and family including ICCM members, Hannah and everyone love the look of the website, so beautiful and powerful 🙏 I do appreciate it very much.

Kathy Truong
Owner of The Collective of Strength

Result Driven SEO provides an excellent professional web development service for doctors. They made an extra effort with with all aspects of the website and i would thoroughly recommend them to any medial profession looking to create an impactful web presence.

Dr Siva Chandrasekaran
Melbourne Orthopaedic Surgeon, MOATI

dr yunaev

Result Driven SEO has made a significant change in my business over the last 12 months. The success didn’t happen overnight and it required a tremendous effort from the RDS team. We’ve seen a significant increase in our website traffic by over 200%, with an obvious uptake in new patient enquiries and conversions coming through the clinic. We’ve seen a complete turnaround in our online presence in a number of spaces that we are advertising in. We’ve gone from having 12 enquiries to anywhere from 50 to 100 enquiries in a month, while consistently filling our list times at the hospital; which is a huge improvement. And more so, the leads that are coming in are more serious, with more intention to book in a surgery than previously, which is making it easier for us to convert them into a patient. Overall, I’ve had very good experience with RDS and would highly recommend them to you and I hope that you can succeed like that.

Dr Michael Yunaev
Cosmetic Surgeon / Specialist Breast (Oncoplastic)

dr hodgkinson

The number of requests for consultations is at least doubled from the last 5 months, which is very good sign. We’re very impressed with how much detailed they put into the plan, how they projected and what they might be able to achieve for us. I’ve enjoyed working with both principles. We look forward to the future and right now the presence is very positive for us.

Dr Darryl Hodgkinson
Plastic Surgeon/ Owner of Double Bay Day Surgery

Vas Comblas

We are so very grateful to the team at Result Driven SEO. Since hiring you guys our business enquiry has greatly improved. Keep up the good work guys!

Vas Comblas
Owner and Director, Iconic American Imports

Hilary Keily

Huyen and her fantastic team at Result Driven SEO are simply, brilliant.

Our expectations have been surpassed. The whole experience has been handled professionally and efficiently. Their knowledge is up to date, allowing their advice to be spot on. Traffic and sales growth continue to steadily rise each month. We would not hesitate to recommend.

Rosa Djurovic
Director and Owner of WineSquare

ami bauer

Huyen has been amazing at getting clients to contact my business. The response was immediate as soon as the campaign began and business is booming. Follow up and ongoing service has been second to none.

Ami Bauer
Owner, Amico The Garden Managers

tim mcqueen

We have engaged PPC team from Result Driven SEO to help us with the Google Ads & other Google advertising campaigns to promote our business to some specific target potential customer groups. Result Driven SEO has been very thorough in their PPC approach from defining our unique selling points, competitors to keyword research, keyword grouping, ads copy, and landing page optimisation. Huyen is extremely knowledgeable and has infinite patience in consulting, and working with us to achieve the final results that we wanted. Huyen and her team are responsive with our enquiries and we are happy to see the results from the campaign and would highly recommend Result Driven SEO for any search marketing needs.

Tim McQueen
Polished Pixels - Director

James Nicholls Easley

SEO is critical to ensuring both our B2B and Retail consumers can quickly find Roadside Response when their breakdown situation occurs.

Result Driven SEO is the responsive partner we needed to ensure we remain top of mind in an ever-changing market.

Having experienced a decline in ranking under our previous SEO partner, we engaged Result Driven SEO to turn around our fortunes and return Roadside Response to page one for our key search terms.

Result Driven SEO set about understanding our business and customer needs. Implementing comprehensive keyword research to identify potential keywords to target.

Connected a thorough SEO audit to fix both technical and content issues.

Produced more unique page content to cover more targeted keywords and locations.

They proposed changes on the website user interface and content to improve conversion rate.

And set up a series of Google listings in targeted cities & gained more reviews for local listings.

Most importantly, the results were clear.

First page ranking for most important keywords in all major cities.

Recovery of organic traffic and a considerable jump in conversions up 60% compared to same time last year and 45% compared to our peak period last year.

That’s why we continue to partner with Result Driven SEO as our partner of choice.

James Nicholls-Easley
General Manager, Roadside Response

Client's Industry: Automotive

Marco D'Angelo

Huyen, has shown nothing but patience, integrity and professionalism during the whole process of developing my website and assisting me with launching my new business D’Angelo Institute.

She patiently walked me through every aspect teaching me appropriate I.T usage, considering the fact that I am not tech savvy. Explaining things in plain easy to understand terms and spending generous amounts of time with me.

I highly recommend her services to anyone needing a website developed.

Marco Angelo
Director, D'Angelo Institute

Client's Industry: Education
Skills: Website Design and Development, SEO On-page

Thanks you so much for the comprehensive report! The recommendations all make sense and we’re running through the site making them now.

Andrew Mathwin
Head of Digital Marketing, Clarity Communications

Client's Industry: Public Relations & Branding
Skills: SEO Audit and Consulting

tim marsh

We have new leads everyday thanks to the new website being well optimised for each search engine. We’ve experienced sale returns of up to $100,000 in revenue year on year that we are very pleased with.

Tim Marsh
Managing Director, Warranty & Insurance

Client's Industry: Car Insurance
Skills: Website Design and Development, PPC, SEO, Content Production

steven kruyer

What separates Result Driven SEO from any other SEO company is transparency, professionalism and results. They set the correct expectations and deliver each time

Within the first two months and half of taking on Result Driven SEO we saw a 161 % increase in overall site traffic within the same time period with impressive 454% increase in page view, average page view 7.6 and unbelievable bounce rate of 0.97%and more importantly a 187% increase in revenue.

Being able to verify that the SEO work being undertaken meet the Google Quality Guidelines is essential for the sustained long term growth of organic traffic and avoiding the risk of being blacklisted as a result of blackhat SEO activity.

This level of transparency and professionalism is something I have not found in many other SEO companies. We want to play by the Google rulebook, and Result Driven SEO takes no shortcuts.

I can’t say enough about Result Driven SEO driving an extra 187% more sales to the Step2 Direct in just 2.5 months and that number is still climbing! I’ve never met a consultant that provided such high ROI as the team.

Steven Kruyer
Managing Director, Step2 Direct

Client's Industry: Toy Retailing & Wholesaling
Skills: SEO, Web Design and Development, Content Marketing, PPC

sam lambrou

Our company decided to use Result Driven SEO’s web designers and can highly recommend their very professional work.
Our contact with Huyen through the whole process was unbelievably easy, she did everything including the S.E.O required to get our company web site ranking well. We look forward to a long relationship in the future. I really appreciate all you have done and if I can help in the future give me a call.

Sam Lambrou
Business Owner, Sydney Adventure Tour

Client's Industry: Tourism Agency
Skills: SEO, Web Design and Development, Content Marketing

michael dimitrakopoulos

You and your team have done an amazing job with our website and for the first time we feel that we our truly out there on the commercial stage for new clients to find and connect with us….THANK YOU!

Michael & Aliki Dimitrakopoulos
Business Owners, Soul Impressions Photography

Client's Industry: Commercial Photography
Skills: Website Redesign, SEO On-page Setup

dr scott lackenby

Great to see ranking improving. Thanks for ongoing help and guidance.

Dr. Scott Lackenby
Partner, Gordon Vet Hospital

Client's Industry: Medical
Skills: SEO, Web Design and Development, Content Marketing, PPC

barry joseph

The website looks great, loved the new changes. We converted our paper-based to online applications, the website is attractive, user friendly and it just works. Any little problems we have ever encountered, we rang Result Driven SEO, they immediately came in and addressed all the issues efficiently and pleasantly

Barry Joseph
Executive Director, Australian Friends of Hebrew University

Client's Industry: Education
Skills: Web Design and Development, On-going Technical Support

philip johnson

This task was thoroughly undertaken from beginning of project to the end. A completely redesigned website (cross platform) with many specific requirements met, sometimes changing along the way, which were necessary, albeit frustrating for Huyen and her team, I am sure. Highly recommended.

Huyen was full of ideas and as well she took my concepts in hand turning them into practical outputs which look great and function perfectly.

I feel I can confidently re-employ this company to update or further optimise my website. A treat of an experience working with this company… thank you.

Philip Johnson
Owner, Choosing Change

Client's Industry: Counselling
Skills: Website Design and Development, SEO On-page

bill chen

We recovered from the Google Penalty after 3 months and now the website is running so well, we receive phone calls, and email enquiries everyday.

Bill Chen
Owner, Bill Removalists Sydney

Client's Industry: Removal Services
Skills: Website Design and Development, PPC, SEO, Content Production

sioned thomas

Result Driven SEO has been very responsive, and supportive during the three months we have worked together on redesigning my website and optimising my SEO. Huyen has demonstrated expertise in her SEO field and recruited expertise for website development. I would not hesitate to recommend her. She has been a pleasure to work with on this project and I’m delighted with the outcomes. She delivered to brief, on time and on budget.

Sioned Thomas
Owner, Boutique Retreats

Client's Industry: Hospitality
Skills: Website Design and Development, SEO On-page

lauraine mcdonald

Result Driven SEO has transformed my world. What was once a murky, sinister and troublesome part of my business has become a productive, effortless and indispensable machine under the professional guidance of Result Driven SEO’s team. No job too big or too small for this friendly, accommodating company. Consistently offering value way above and beyond their scope, this lot are truly worth their weight in gold or bit coins or website views. Highly recommended.

Lauraine McDonald
Owner, Content Marketing Help

Client's Industry: Digital Marketing & Communications
Skills: Website Design and Development

barbara jones

Working with Huyen as she and her team built our new website has been an entirely pleasant experience. She really knows what she is doing in not only developing the site, but also advising on the most up to date marketing approaches – which were all quite new to me.

She stayed in touch throughout the project, always ensuring that I was comfortable with whatever new aspect she was introducing. Her warmth and professionalism towards me and each of my staff, make it very easy to do business with her, and we will continue to do so as our business develops. Thank you Huyen.

Barbara Jones
Executive Director, Executive Mandala

Client's Industry: Leadership Development Consulting and Coaching
Skills: Website Design and Development, SEO On-page

philippa spork

Thank you so much! We are so lucky to have you!!! The apps works well now.

Philippa Spork
Owner, Mediary

Client's Industry: Digital Marketing & Communications
Skills: Apps Development

nyssa morgan

Our experience with Huyen and the team has been second to none. They worked on the development of our site along with the SEO and worked alongside our other suppliers with ease. They communicated well, were prompt and were always quick with a response to any questions or issues. I would strongly recommend them.

Nyssa Morgan
Admin Manager, Optimum Consulting Group

Client's Industry: Human Resources Recruitment
Skills: Website Design and Development, SEO On-page

mareena weston

WOW the result is FANTASTIC. We were all very impressed – thank you and well done.

Mareena Weston
Marketing Director, Sweet Creations Baby & Children’s Boutique

Client's Industry: Toy Retailing & Wholesaling
Skills: SEO On-page Setup

Dr Rob King

Gosh I have been so busy, with many new patients. So your work has really been a great success for me. Thank you!!

I really appreciate that you are going the extra mile with my website. The bookings are up again, which is good news! Thank you once again for everything and for your terrific work.

Dr. Rob K

Client's Industry: Medical
Skills: SEO On-page Setup, Web Design

stewart hayes

New clients often comment on the website which is the one of main reasons why they choose our practice. Further to this, the SEO side has gone so well that my business isn’t a year old yet but the website has been appearing on top of the first page for some targeted keywords and that I believe is a great result!…oh yeah, I love working with them! Thanks a million!!!!

Stewart Hayes
Managing Director, Orthotic Solutions Podiatry

Client's Industry: Medical
Skills: Website Design, Website Development, SEO On-page Setup

colleen hurll

Recently I engaged Huyen Truong – Search Marketing Director from Result Driven SEO, to help increase my business by developing new landing pages, setting up Google Ads campaign and SEO for Google.

It has only been a few weeks since my campaign with Huyen was launched but already I am receiving more calls about my services and noting that my placement on Google’s first page result is quite consistent.

I can readily recommend Huyen whom I have known to be professional in all of her dealings with me and, for someone like myself who has no idea how Google, SEO or Google Ads actually work, extremely patient in helping me to understand various aspects of my campaign with her SEO business.

Colleen Hurll
Colleen Hurll Counselling

Client's Industry: Counselling
Skills: SEO, Google Ads, Landing Page Design & Development

lenny organ

Ever since we started, Result Driven SEO has helped increase the traffic by 400% after 3 months working for us and we have been able to recoup the investment in the website and SEO service after we made a sales successfully with a hospital in Michigan, USA who’ve found us on Google.com.

Lenny Organ
President, Elite Cardiology Medical Group (ECG)

Client's Industry: Medical
Skills: SEO

phillip gruppelaar

I am extremely happy with the progress we made in this financial year and genuinely appreciate your efforts, Huyen. Much of this progress is due to your diligence and skills. Thanks!

Phillip Gruppelaar
Senior Partner, Harley Finance

Client's Industry: Automotive & Business Finance
Skills: Website Design and Development, PPC, SEO, Content Production, Sales Funnel

clinton power

I was initially concerned about engaging an SEO company as I knew there are so many disreputable SEO companies out there, but Result Driven SEO delivered above and beyond what I expected.

From the moment I contacted Result Driven SEO, I was impressed with their professional approach and fast responses to my questions.

RDS was able to understand exactly what I was looking for and suggested the best approach to move forward to improve the SEO of my website.

All of her suggestions were ethical and helpful and through receiving my SEO audit and implementing the suggested changes, I was able to regain first page rankings for some of our key phrases within a couple of weeks.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Result Driven SEO and the team for anyone that is looking for fast, professional and outstanding customer service and SEO results. Thank you guys!

Clinton Power
Owner, Clinton Power + Associates

Client's Industry: Counselling
Skills: SEO On-page Setup

jeff bullas

Huyen is an SEO expert that lives and breathes her craft. She shows attention to detail, is prompt and you can rely on her and the team. I would recommend her as a valuable and trusted resource for your business without hesitation.

Jeff Bullas
CEO/Worldly Renowned Digital Marketing Strategist - Jeff Bullas Pty Ltd

Client's Industry: Digital Marketing & Communications

sandra goldring

Huyen and her team have designed our company website including new logos. During the process she was extremely patient and professional and we are delighted with the result. She will go above and beyond to assist her clients.

Sandra Goldring
Owner, Goldring Mortgages

Client's Industry: Mortgage Broker & Finance
Skills: Website Design and Development

harry hotz

It is with pleasure that I write this recommendation for Huyen and Results Driven SEO team .

Huyen is an amazing person and her work ethic and skills around setting up business websites / SEO and all other related activities, is equally amazing.If you want someone that will assist you develop, design and deploy a great website for your business – then look no further.

Business is all about working with good people and partnering with great companies and providing brilliant outcomes.

We are extremely happy with the result and activity in re-developing the Amy Hotz Wellness e Commerce site. Thank you sincerely to Huyen and her team for a brilliant outcome.

Harry Hotz
Co-Owner, Super You Foods

Client's Industry: Health
Skills: Website Design and Development, SEO On-page

sue paton

Our experience with Huyen and the team at Result Driven SEO has been extraordinary and very professional. Having had a website that was not working because of a very unprofessional web developer we engaged Huyen to help us get a new website up and running in 6 short weeks.

She worked around the clock for us knowing that we were losing money the longer our website was not working.

We are very pleased with the finished product and look forward to our continued relationship as she does our SEO work.

Huyen’s customer service was nothing short of exceptional. She was available whenever we called and had questions, she answered emails quickly and efficiently.

This was in direct contrast to our last experience where the web developer was only available through a call centre, where we had to leave a message and wait sometimes hours or days for a reply.

We cannot recommend Huyen and her team highly enough.

Sue Paton
Executive Director, EatFed Pty Ltd

Client's Industry: Counselling

Sevine Forster

Working with Huyen was been our pleasure. She has a fantastic work ethic, she has always been patience and understands what it takes to have the work done to high professional standard. I would highly recommend Results Driven SEO for any business wanting to increase their Web rankings and Site development.

Sevine Forster
Owner, Madisons Beauty (Realskin Clinic)

Client's Industry: Beauty Care
Skills: Website Design and Development, SEO, Content Marketing

simon benstead

Working with Huyen and her team at Result Driven SEO was a wonderful experience, although at times frustrating on my part, Huyen was able to give me guidance and encouragement to supply her with the content that she needed to build us the professional website that we have today.

From the first meeting with Huyen I knew that this was going to be a positive business relationship that we were going to share, as Huyen showed from the beginning that she was very knowledgeable about web developing and showed me what was needed to start ranking in Google on the first page. Huyen lives and breathes web development.

If I had a question or wanted to make a change, a simple email to her and the answer or change was done pretty much within 24hours.

Even though now we don’t speak to Huyen as regularly, because our site has been up and running for a few months now, if I have a question, I just simply text or email Huyen and it doesn’t matter if its after hours or on the weekend, we get an answer straight away if possible, or the very next day.

We would recommend Result Driven SEO to anyone looking to build a new website or rank high on search engines. We are looking forward to working with Huyen again, when we embark on the next phase of our business model.

Simon Benstead
Owner, Bean Offroad Camping

Client's Industry: Hospitality
Skills: Website Design and Development, SEO On-page

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