• May 18, 2016
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What we achieved after 1 year

  • There were obvious improvements 2-3 months after the new website was launched. Harley Finance gained top 2 ranking for desired keywords such as “courier finance”, “owner driver finance”, “truck finance broker” and “machinery finance broker”.
  • After one year, the web traffic to Harley Finance’s website increased ten fold, and its conversion rate increased by 500%.

Our Solution:

  • Comprehensive keyword research for all services in different categories (truck finance brokers, truck finance no deposit, truck finance bad credit…)
  • Research what strong competitors do and how they do well
  • Implement on-site optimisation best practices
  • Drive community engagement through blogging
  • Build high quality links
  • Leverage paid advertising
  • Target where prospects hang out through Google display & Remarketing
  • Increase website conversion rate
  • Promote on selected social media platforms as a thought leader
  • Build additional micro websites to capture more search market share
  • Create lead magnet and lead nurturing sales funnel


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