• December 3, 2016
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Result Driven SEO was introduced to BrandQuest through an existing customer. BrandQuest was looking for a digital marketing agency to help improve the visibility of their website through paid and organic search engine optimisation.

The Google Pay Per Click campaign was revamped completely by taking the following actions to increase the visibility and click through rate of the campaign:

  • Doing comprehensive keyword research
  • Intelligent ad grouping
  • Ad copy rewriting
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Bidding strategy
  • Landing page design
  • Copy writing

In relation to the SEO campaign, we undertook an integrated PPC & SEO approach- meaning that we targeted a similar set of transactional keywords for both the PPC and SEO campaigns. Apart from these keywords, we also targeted specific long tail keywords to cover the informational and investigation keyword research queries.

We improved the look and function of the websites to ensure that they were content rich, user friendly and search friendly on all different devices.

We also consolidated the page content to create more long-form content which is critical to rank for competitive terms.

What we achieved

After the first month of SEO, we managed to get the website rank to page 1 for a good number of keywords at both national and local level: branding consultants, rebranding consultants, rebranding experts, strategic branding consultant, rebranding Sydney.

  • A organic traffic increase of 39%


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