The One Word you need for 2022

One chilly early spring morning in Sydney, I was rushing out of my apartment to the local corner grocery store to grab some eggs and I couldn’t believe my eyes. 

Posted on a now boarded-up window of the grocery store was a “For Sale” sign.  My heart sank. 

That store had been around ever since I came here as a student. They worked very hard, always stayed open serving the local community, regardless if it was Christmas or New Year.  

That store had been my saving grace if I needed something urgent on countless occasions. But now after our latest 4-month Covid lockdown, it couldn’t survive and was sadly pushed out of business. 

Maybe you’ve noticed the same thing happening around you, and witnessed other businesses and stores having to close down during these tougher economic conditions. 

2021 was not a great year for many of us.  It challenged us in new unexpected and often uncontrollable ways, but my hope for all of you is that you found the way to pivot and push through the adversity. 

Hard times gives us the chance to change course, reinvent ourselves or find an undiscovered bridge that will get us over the next hurdle. 

When life knocks you down, what do you do? Do you let it keep you down and just give up? Or do you stand back up and keep going?  

Of course… you stand back up! You keep going.  

Because you are a resilient human being.  And it is that resilience that we will all need to keep pushing forward, and making it through the challenges still to come. 

Remember if the journey of running a successful business was easy, then anyone could do it! 

2021 was an interesting year for us all, and 2022 looks like more of the same. The drama around the evolving COVID-19 situation continues, and we’ll be working side by side with our clients the whole way, trying to help them prosper through this crisis.  

I’m ready to say goodbye to this challenging year, and looking forward to a new year all about prosperity and profit! You work very hard and truly deserve all the best in return.  

Now’s the time for all of us to thrive in 2022.  

Seasons greeting, and all our best from the Result Driven SEO team 💕 


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