Check out these 8 SEO tips to grow your small business in the infographic below. It’s possible for any small business to increase traffic and qualified leads through search engines. By dedicating a small amount of time each day to SEO tasks, positive results can be seen for the long term.

Organic search traffic is free – so no matter your budget size, your business can compete with larger marketing dollars with a sound SEO plan, a great website and compelling site content. We recommend regular blogging about your field of expertise. It’s beneficial to growing targeted traffic and building authority in search engines.

Start With Local SEO

Targeting local customers is a great first step for many small businesses. Google Plus for businesses is the ideal platform to get your site found and local customers through your door.

We Can Help With Technical SEO Details

For more technical SEO details, such as flat website architecture, indexing of site content, schema markup for Google search results and more, we can help. We work with small and medium sized businesses globally.

We specialise in generating results through local SEO and creating website designs that drive conversions. We have worked with many Australian clients, offering our Sydney SEO services and consulting. Get your business on track to search success, today.

8 SEO Basics Infographic

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