Huyen Truong Won 2022 New South Wales GC Bronze Bowl
Huyen Truong has won her second tournament in 2022 New South Wales GC Bronze Bowl 
at New South Wales golf club on March 21st 2022 by a landslide with 47 points, 11 points ahead of the runner up, proving to be one of the most in-form amateur golfers the competition may have seen in a long time. 
Huyen beat 56 other competitive players coming from all different clubs in the Sydney region to win this competition.  An impressive victory considering last year she competed here for the first time, and left with nothing but being on the bottom of the leader board, in terms of final results.  

Noticeably, just one week before this major win on March 15th 2022 at St Michael Golf Club St Patrick Day’s team competition event, she led her team of 4 players to dominate the competition and took away the first spot for the team challenge after their second-year participation in this event. 


Huyen Truong Won 2022 New South Wales GC Bronze Bowl

“I’m feeling over the moon, as all of the daily practicing actually paid off. Considering that I only started training more seriously some 2 years ago, this was a very heart-warming win for me, and I have accomplished my New Year’s resolution already. (Time to re-evaluate and aim higher! 😀 )” – Huyen said.  

Huyen continued “I’d love to send out a big big big thank you from the bottom of my heart to all of my coaches, golf-mates, and family members who have given me advice and tips over the last year that contributed to this success.  You might not remember your comments, but I remember them all and I’m very grateful for them.” 

It is amazing and inspiring for us to think that Huyen’s name will be engraved on New South Wales’ Bronze Bowl trophy award forever, and that she’s now a small piece of this 46-year-old competition’s history.  But of course, now, it only makes her hungrier for more.   

For everything you ever want to accomplish in your life and business, she would encourage you to always say this to yourself… 





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