How We Grew Warranty & Insurance Revenue 100k Year on  Year case study
We’ve experienced sale returns up to $100,000 in revenue year on year that we are very pleased with.
tim marsh
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About The Client

Warranty and Insurance is a leading extended car warranty insurance agency in Australia who specialises in providing ‘extended car insurance ‘products to individuals and companies.

A business extension of New Cars Plus, Warranty and Insurance plans to strongly promote this new side of business after its online marketing success with the parent company website, New Cars Plus.


Result Driven SEO was invited to engage in this project. With the existing dominance of other mainstream, big brand insurance agencies, it is not easy to get a foothold in such an overcrowded search market.

The Results

Result Driven SEO increased traffic to site by ten times. This site now ranks incredibly well for a good number of high traffic keywords. As a result, Warranty and Insurance also experienced:

  • $100K revenue increase year on year
  • Tenfold traffic increase after 1 year
  • Ranking for more than 100 high traffic keywords

What We Implemented

We started by rebuilding the website to enhance the look, functionality, user experience and conversion optimisation. The website is now well optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. According to our experience, no matter how much traffic you drive to the website, if it doesn’t sell, it doesn’t work.

wics mobile
wics desktop

Image 1 & 2: Mobile and Desktop Website after the Redesign

Technique #1 — Comprehensive Keyword Research For All Services and Blog Content

We extensively researched appropriate keywords for all of the service pages on the website, and we comprehensively researched long-tail keyword research to find the specific search terms being used to search for information related to Warranty and Insurance’s main services.

Technique #2 — Research on What Strong Competitors Do and How They Do Well

Our competitor research is designed to gain a key understanding of strong competitors, their competitive advantages, value proposition and online marketing activities. We specifically identify;

  • Where their competitors advertise?
  • How their advertising works?
  • Their biggest website traffic referral sources?
  • What keywords they target, where they build links, where they promote their websites?

Gaining insights on what and how competitors are doing gives our team and the client directions on how to surpass them.

Technique #3 — Implement On-site Optimization Best Practices

We implemented the best practices for on-page optimisation following Google and other search engine webmaster guidelines

  • Rewrite benefits-driven copy that places users at the centre. Our goal is to create a website that enables users to quickly find the information they need more easily.
  • Ensuring Proper Indexation: Through the use of sitemaps, pagination, no-indexing tags and the reconciliation of all duplicate content, we were able to ensure the proper indexation of Warranty and Insurance’s website.
  • Individually crafted, uniquely written Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, and Heading tags for all pages. By optimizing the site’s title tags, meta description tags, heading tags and content to include targeted keywords, we were able to increase the search traffic.
  • Improve the website’s load times for proper SEO on both desktop and mobile devices. This is one of the key elements to increase the website ranking performance.
  • “No Follow” for unimportant links
  • Add image ALT tags to all images
  • Other technical SEO setups

Technique #4 — Drive Community Engagement Through Blogging

From our research on Warranty and Insurance’s target audience, their market persona, content voice and our extensive long-tail keyword research we proposed a content plan designed to promote Warranty and Insurance as the industry thought leader. Through this research we uncovered additional opportunities for long-tail search traffic.

Increase Blog Engagement

To increase engagement, our automotive content specialists produced a series of high quality content pieces for the website. The industry is highly niche so general writers wouldn’t have had the knowledge and experience to write about this topic. This meant we had to carefully source a great team of specialist content writers.
This content plan also covered popular search topics and varied content to engage the readership and increase social sharing, including;

  • Informative articles
  • FAQs
  • Infographics

Image 3: Infographic is one of the high quality content formats that we produce

Technique #5 — Build High Quality Links

Incoming links from other websites are an important component in search engine optimisation. Poor quality links won’t increase your traffic or ranking, but what’s worse is that they can damage your domain and potentially get penalised by Google, or other search engines, if they violate webmaster guidelines.

We take link building very seriously and we make sure that all the sites that we place links on, are well screened before any placement. Some of the link building we did included;

  • Outreach to relevant blogs to feature Warranty and Insurance’s content and gain quality backlinks to the website.
  • Outreach to industry influencers to feature Warranty and Insurance’s content
  • Listing the website on business and local directories
  • Joining industry and relevant member groups
  • Promoting Warranty and Insurance on a series of popular automotive forums via banner ads and promoted articles
  • Commenting on automotive forums

Technique #6 — Increase Website Conversion Rate

We are constantly making changes on the website and landing pages based on our conversion optimisation activities, including;

  • A/B Testing
  • Click Map
  • Heat Map
  • Event Tracking
heat map click

Image 4: We set up heat map and click map on most important pages to track users’ behaviour and improve conversion of the landing pages

A/B Testing

Our first step was to survey Warranty and Insurance’s visitors to find out what they liked, what they didn’t like, what confused them, what they were buying and what else they were looking for. This allowed us to create multiple A/B split tests based on visitor feedback in order to hone in on the most effective combination of sales elements.

Boosting Conversions by Over 500%

The results of our user surveys and split tests enabled us to develop a more efficient means of directing visitors to the products they were most interested in. The result? A 500% increase in conversions at 11%.

Technique #7 — Target Where Prospects Hang Out Through Google Display & Remarketing

We designed a specific Google Display campaign targeting sites that the Warranty and Insurance audience would be hanging out in online, including; automotive blogs, relevant forums, entertainment, sports, and politics.

christmas promotion

Image 5: Google Display/Remarketing Campaign targeted all car forums, blogs for the Christmas Promotion

New Creatives

We noticed that click-through rates decreased on paid channels every few weeks. To fight this we periodically created new material to boost the click-through rates on ads.

Technique #8 — Promote on Selected Social Media Platforms as a Thought Leader

We were very selective when it came to creating social channels and promoting Warranty and Insurance on them. Extended car warranty is a unique niche market, therefore, we created and promoted the personal profiles of Warranty and Insurance’s main executive and built connections for them, actively sharing Warranty and Insurance’s new content via these connections to establish Warranty and Insurance as the thought leader in its market.

Outstanding Results

We started seeing obvious improvements after the new website was live for 2-3 months. Warranty and Insurance gained a top – 2 ranking for more than 20 competitive keywords— extended car warranty, extended new car warranty, extended used car warranty and Allianz extended warranty, Swann extended warranty. After a year, we managed to grow Warranty and Insurance traffic by 10 times (1000%), and the conversion rate went up by 500%.

  • 20 keywords in top-1 on both desktop and mobile search results
  • 47 keywords in top-10 on both desktop and mobile search results
  • Rank for over 100 keywords in top-20
wics traffic growth

Image 6: Traffic growth over time

wics dominance

Image 7: The dominance of Warranty and Insurance’s presence in organic search results

We’ve been working with Huyen and Result Driven SEO for the last four years now as our digital marketing partner. During this time, the team at Result Driven SEO has helped us grow significantly across a number of different websites. We’ve experienced sales returns of up to $100,000 in revenue year on year that we are very pleased with. The team at Result Driven SEO is super-efficient; easy to communicate with, able to work all hours to make the changes needed that we wanted. The landscape on Google has changed significantly during the last few years. Despite this we have seen our sites continue to dominate the market landscape, resulting in fantastic growth in returns. We would highly recommend people looking to engage SEO and digital marketing services to go to Result Driven SEO to have a look closer to what they offer.

tim marsh
Tim Marsh
Managing Director of Warranty and Insurance

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