Why do I need a custom website sales funnel?

Spending money on a website that doesn’t result in sales is like throwing money into a black hole. But this is not new to you, right? The question is what should you do about it?

You could sit down and try to figure out where to focus your marketing effort – in between handling emails, phone calls, customer support requirements and everything else involved in running your business. Good luck with that. What you really need is a reliable web marketing partner, who is available on demand and who can recommend actual solutions which will attract and convert prospects, and even better, then execute those recommendations.

What is a sales funnel (Marketing Automation)?

A sales funnel is a process or system that automates (and simplifies) the sales journey. A properly executed sales funnel is easily duplicated and can be used over and over.

  • A sales funnel has no lead leakage. Your prospect is automatically “funnelled” to a buying decision. Meanwhile you can concentrate on running your business instead of baby-sitting your leads. An ideal web funnel setup would include traffic generation, lead generation and an automated lead follow-up.

What opportunities will your business miss if it does not have a website sales funnel?

  • Lead generation will be haphazard and unpredictable.
  • Traffic will be lower in quality and volume.
  • Any new leads will require a greater time investment in following-up and then educating them on your offer.
  • Less leads will convert without an optimised process.
  • An ideal web funnel setup would include traffic generation, lead generation and an automated lead follow-up.

How can Result Driven SEO help you?

Many businesses know what marketing automation is, yet refuse to get involved. This could be because many of us have seen how poorly implemented marketing automation lead to embarrassing blunders. (If you don’t believe me, just type “Marketing Automation Fails” into Google). But this doesn’t mean the process is unnecessary!

Let’s begin by investigating the top 10 benefits you’ll get from working with us:

  • We do all the hard work for you using proven best practices and experienced writers in our sales copywriting and design process.
  • We know what works because we test it, so you get peace of mind from working with marketing professionals who practice what they preach in their own business.
  • We generate more qualified leads. Our sales funnel solutions deliver higher quality leads. That means you can dedicate less time to selling, and more time to closing.
  • You are seen as an authority. Our sales funnel solutions positions your company as the market leader with polished, client-focused strategies.
  • You save time following-up because our two top packages include automated follow-up emails.
  • You are guaranteed a collaborative project experience. You will always know exactly where we are in the design and development process. Furthermore, our reputation is to deliver on-time and within budget.
  • We’re focused on getting you results. Our business can only grow if we help you grow your bottom-line.
  • We offer unmatched quality assurance. We systematically double-check our work, firstly before we share it with you and secondly, before we publish it.
  • You get an Australian-based Project Manager and team members. No need to worry about communication or time-zone issues when it comes to the pointy end of the project.

Sound terrific? How much will it cost me to work with the best?

We wish it was that simple!

Our services start at about $2,500 for a basic sales funnel. We do our best to work within your budget. We want your business. But asking for a website just like Amazon.com for $2,500, will only give us a good chuckle.

We work with business owners (and entrepreneurs) that understand the value of working with professionals who deliver quality work, and quality work takes time.

Admittedly working with experts can be expensive, but not as expensive as working with Joe Blow. (You know him… he’s the one who takes your money and either doesn’t finish the project or only delivers an inferior result, so have to hire someone else to finish it properly.)

You deserve to engage with people that have your best interests at heart, and who want to deliver a quality service in a reasonable time. You deserve to work with Result Driven SEO.

Are you ready to experience our Sales Funnel service?

For a customised Sales Funnel (Marketing Automation) quote that is based on your specific needs, please contact us.

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Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Nothing says more about the quality of our work than the success of our customers.


First page ranking for most important keywords in all major cities.

Recovery of organic traffic and a considerable jump in conversions up 60% compared to same time last year and 45% compared to our peak period last year.

James Nicholls-Easley
General Manager, Roadside Response

dr scott lackenby

Great to see ranking improving. Thanks for ongoing help and guidance.

Dr. Scott Lackenby
Partner, Gordon Vet Hospital

sioned thomas

Result Driven SEO has been very responsive, and supportive during the three months we have worked together on redesigning my website and optimising my SEO.

Sioned Thomas
Owner, Boutique Retreats

bill chen

We recovered from the Google Penalty after 3 months and now the website is running so well, we receive phone calls, and email enquiries everyday.

Bill Chen
Owner, Bill Removalists Sydney

stewart hayes

New clients often comment on the website which is the one of main reasons why they choose our practice. Further to this, the SEO side has gone so well that my business isn’t a year old yet but the website has been appearing on top of the first page for some targeted keywords and that I believe is a great result!...oh yeah, I love working with them! Thanks a million!!!!

Stewart Hayes
Managing Director, Orthotic Solutions Podiatry

jeff bullas

Huyen is an SEO expert that lives and breathes her craft. She shows attention to detail, is prompt and you can rely on her and the team. I would recommend her as a valuable and trusted resource...

Jeff Bullas
CEO/Worldly Renowned Digital Marketing Strategist - Jeff Bullas Pty Ltd

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